My name is Icy







I am the fashion and beauty editor of Indulgence Magazine - a Luxury Lifestyle Chinese Magazine distributed in Australia.

I am a skinny, tall, crazy big girl with a creative mind. 

Emmmm ... Let's start again.

I am a stylish, elegant, pretty little woman with a lovely soul.

That's better!

I write (mostly) in Chinese. Don't you dare to Google Translate my contents. I am serious! (I would rather meet in person for a coffee and read my posts in English for you! ) 

Why am I setting up a blog while I am super busy working on those editorial pages?

Well ... The answer is simple ...

I always wanted to add personal touch in my writings; unfortunately I have to work with a words-limit every article (otherwise Indulgence Magazine might be thick as a Wikipedia) ... I decided to post the rest (those were left behind from my articles) onto this site.

Plus ... I type super fast ...

I didn't graduate from Media degrees, my typical Asian parents pushed me to study business, even my Master degree was business related (useful but boring) ...

My 'revenge' to my parents was: I ended up being the top beauty sales person with the highest KPI on a cosmetic floor in department store. I was also adored by brides for doing makeup on their big day.

I was one of the first to start a blog back at those days, but all I wrote was relationships... After giving tons of love advices I became a freelance beauty editor. (Don't ask why, had no idea how did that happen. I could refer you to speak to the person who hired me.)

People think being an editor for a luxury lifestyle magazine is glamours. (Let's talk about it another time in my post!) Yep ... I get samples endlessly and I go to those 'dreamy' sample sales. But to be honest ... After all these years going through countless media-releases and look-books. I no longer enjoying 'shopping'. Still everyone around wants me go to the shops with them ... Am I like a 'must-have' catalogue or something? At least ... my tips are worth listening - makes me feel good. 

One thing I am 100% sure is - I know how to shop and I am quite good at it. 

This blog is not going to change your spending habit. All I want is to make you regret less to your purchase decisions.

Images are mostly done by me. Allow me to apologise ... I am a terrible Photographer. But I shoot with an eye of love (and two iPhones).

Stories ... Please believe 99%. The 'WHOs' are made up. The 'WHENs' are mostly made up. The 'WHEREs' can be made up too ... But the feelings are real. I am a terrible lier. 

Feel free to comment or contact me. I'd love to stay in touch. I am 50% shy, 50% passionate. Good luck!

By the way... Don't forget to follow my instagram: icybutterfly

All the best! ... And ... Enjoy!